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Managing Products: the Advanced tab

This tab allows you to:

  • add notes to the Buyers as free text
  • affect the order of products as shown to Buyers amongst your range
  • enable reviews.

Purchase note

Box name: Purchase note

Format: Free text

You can add whatever you need here. Common uses of this functionality are to give:

  1. Guidance on how to use your product
  2. Additional delivery information
  3. Additional storage instructions
  4. Additional availability information, such as during seasonal high demand.

Box name: Menu order

Format: ###0

This box allows you to set the order your products are displayed in. It does not affect any filters applied by a Buyer.

This is useful if you need to promote your most popular products first, or group similar products together.

Enable reviews

Box name: Enable reviews

Format: Checkbox

Disable this option if you do not want your products reviewed by Buyers.

Updated on 31st May 2019

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