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Managing Products: Shelf Life

This tab allows you to communicate to the Buyers what shelf life type and length your Buyers will get.

Best Before and Use by Election

Select the option which applies to you product.

Best Before and Use by Length

From the drop down select the option that best suits your product. Note these are the minimum of what you can assure your Buyer will receive.

FAQs Shelf Life

  1. Do I have to fill out this section? No. Buyers, however, will want to know how quickly they need to sell your products, and longer shelf lives make their lives easier. Shelf life information is a key operating tool for Buyers
  2. What if I have a product once in a while that does not meet my minimum shelf life guarantee? Put any concerns or caveats in your Purchase Note in the Advanced tab
  3. What if the option I want is not shown? Contact Delishops Support, and we will help you.

Updated on 8th May 2019

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