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Managing Products: Overview

Products in Delishops are created and controlled through your Control Panel.  Click the Products tab on the left hand side and two options are available:

  • All Products; and
  • Add New

All Products brings up a list of all the products you have added so far.  There is also an Add New product button on this page.

Top Tip: How many products appear on the page?

To choose the number of products that appear on a page, click on the SCREEN OPTIONS button on the top right.  It allows you to show as many products on a single page as you like.  This is very useful when you do Bulk Actions such as editing multiple products.

Add New brings up blank new product editing form for you to make a start on.

You also have an option to Add New in the All Products option.

How is the Product Editing page structured?

The Product Edit page is in two parts:

The Top half:

  • Long Description
  • Product Short Description
  • Product Categories (right hand side box)
  • Product tags (right hand side box)
  • Product image (right hand side box)
  • Product gallery (right hand side box)

Long Description

The Long Description is a free text area where you can write anything that adds value to the product, or gives value to the Buyer or their colleagues in selling that product. See our Delishops Academy guide to what Buyers look for to provide guidance on including valuable content.

It also helps get your products listed with with Search Engines and helps us at Delishops sell your products.

Product Short Description

Your short description should cover the bases of

  • What it is
  • Why it is special
  • What form it comes in e.g. 4×12 glass bottles in card and shrink wrap outer

This is your “elevator pitch”.

Product Categories (right hand side box)

Product categories designate how your products will appear with the main search area.

FAQs on product categories

  1. How much should I tick? Ticking a down stream option will ensure the product appears in all upstream searches. For instance, ticking Butter will appear in Cheese & Other Dairy, Other Dairy and Butter
  2. Can I tick more than one category? Yes, you can tick as many as you want. Delishops reserves the right to edit categorisation at any time, especially where Suppliers are over ticking
  3. What other categories should I tick? This is up to you but we recommend thinking what department or display area you would expect a Buyer to put your products. For example, a baked product such as sausage rolls could be in Bakery, in Prepared Foods or with Charcuterie in the deli counter
  4. What about country cuisine? Delishops gives categories for cuisines, in addition to what kind of product you sell. Your product maybe Scottish, or more specifically Highland. As with other categories, saying Highland will make sure your products show in general Scottish cuisine as well
  5. What happens if no category is specified? Delishops allocates uncategorised products as “Unknown”. Unknown categorisation can not be removed in bulk edit and needs to be unticked on a product by product basis. As this can be time consuming when first uploading, for large ranges, contact Support and we will do it for you
  6. What if I can’t find a category to suit my product? You can add a category by using the tool below the Product Category box. Please do not create Main (headline) categories; they will be deleted. If you would like to create a Main category please contact Support.

Product tags (right hand side box)

Product tags are used in Search Engine Optimisation and product searching within Delishops. You can add any tags you think appropriate.

FAQs on Tags

Will adding tags make me more sales? At Delishops we do not rely on tags for our marketing, so generally no. However, every little helps, so feel free to add tags if you have found they have worked for you elsewhere.

Product image (right hand side box)

The product image is the main image shown on the tile for your product. Every product must have an image; products without images do not sell.

Product images online are the exact equivalent of packaging off-line. you will spend much money and time on packaging, so please do it justice with good photography.

FAQs on Images

What format size and shape should they be? Click here for image guidelines.

The image should be a cut out of the product on a white background in a roughly square format. For products intended for sale in retail packaging, the image should be of the packaged product.

In addition to the main image, you can add as many further images of the product as you choose. We recommend at least three (in total) images per product.

The image guidelines for gallery shots are the same as for the main image.

Delishops recommends in addition to a main image:

  1. The product out of its packaging, on a white background
  2. The product as it may be served, if different (e.g. a portion of cheese rather than a whole cheese)
  3. Lifestyle shots of how the product may be used by a consumer, if relevant
  4. Recipe shots of how the product may be used by a chef or professional kitchen, if relevant.

The Bottom half: Product Edit tabs

The bottom half of the page is composed of detailed product data. These are accessed through nine Tabs:

  1. General: select to set prices, sales prices, minimum pricing, VAT and ingredients
  2. Inventory: select to enter SKUs, bar codes, set stock quantity and stock status
  3. Shipping: select to the delivery settings, and dimensions for shipping, such as weight and size
  4. Linked Products: for linking cross sells and upsells
  5. Attributes and filters: Delishops has extensive attribute options such as lifestyle, allergens and mode of service. These help Buyers find your products and set them apart from your competition
  6. Advanced: input purchase notes here
  7. Pack Size: set the number of units in an outer here
  8. Shelf Life: describe whether Best Before or Use By and minimum shelf life here
  9. Measurement: if your products do not have set sizes – for example, selling by kg, set the terms of that here.

Each of the above Product Edit tabs has its own Help article: click on each of the above for help with that section.

Updated on 7th May 2019

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