Tell me about delivery charges and shipping

All products are drop shipped by the Supplier, whether they are a producer, wholesaler or importer (Delishops does not hold any stock.)

The costs of shipping are borne by the Supplier, but they may choose to recharge those costs to the Buyer.

Each Supplier chooses their own courier or other delivery channel.

How are shipping costs set up in Delishops?

Shipping is controlled and priced by the Supplier in their Control Panel. Delishops currently supports 5 delivery regions in the UK:

  • Mainland UK excluding Highlands & Islands
  • Highlands & Islands of Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Guernsey & Jersey
  • Isle of Wight, Isle of Scilly & Isle of Man

For each region the Supplier can set delivery charges based on price, weight or number of items. And for each category, the Supplier cans set free delivery, flat rate delivery or incremental delivery charges.

All the charges are for Suppliers to control (not Delishops) according to their business model and to maintain profitability.  

Do Suppliers have to deliver every day?

No. Many suppliers only dispatch on some days of the week, and may deliver next day, within 5 days or only on (e.g.) Thursdays.

For chilled products requiring next day delivery Suppliers will often choose not to dispatch on Fridays to avoid stock being delayed over a weekend.

Delishops facilitates Suppliers to choose their own terms to meet their own business model requirements.

How does it appear to the customer

Delivery charges are attached to products, and appear on each product page. The majority of Suppliers charge delivery per dispatch, not per item, and this is made clear on the product pages and during checkout.

The costs of delivery (or free delivery if relevant) are shown

  • on the Buyer and Supplier email order confirmations
  • in Buyer and Supplier order histories in their Control Panels
  • on Buyer invoices.

In the future…

Suppliers will be able to define their own delivery areas, whether that is just in their local area or anywhere else in the UK.

If Suppliers have your own vans, or want to delivery only to say inside Greater Manchester, or between Bristol and Birmingham on a Wednesday – Delishops will be able to provide.