1. Seller FAQ’s

Seller FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Sum up Delishops Wholesale for me

In simplest terms,

  1. We sell your products
  2. You ship them direct to the customer
  3. Delishops charges 10% commission on each sale
  4. Our market is independent retail –delis, farms shops, convenience stores – and independent food service  – restaurants/pubs/cafes.

There is a subscription to list, £36 per month, but we are not charging it until March 2019 at the earliest.  There are more deals on offer if you get your products in quickly.

Should the price I advertise for a product on the platform include the Delishops Commission, or is it added on top?

Your price is what the customer sees and pays.
Delishops Commission will be deducted from the displayed price.

For example: if you sell 10 cheeses advertised for £10 a cheese, the customer will pay £100. You the supplier will receive £100 less 10% = £90.
Delishops invoices the commission in our statements.

Can I have more than one person from my company access my Delishops account?

Not at this time.  Your team must login using the primary email address or or username.  We will be introducing multiple logins for businesses accounts shortly. 

Who can access my Delishops account?

Each wholesale account currently has a single login: an email address OR the username, and a password.
All transactional correspondence for the account will go to that email address.
You can amend the primary email address in Control Panel>MyMembership>Personal Details.

Who invoices the customers?

We do on your behalf, sending a copy to you.
They also receive statements of all their purchases.
You also receive statements of all your sales.  You can also view all your activity in your Control Panel.

When does the Customer pay?

Payment is not taken at the time of the order. The customer makes the payment when YOU log in to your Control Panel and confirm the order has been dispatched.
We cannot take a payment and consequently make payments to you unless you have notified Delishops that the order has been dispatched.

How do I know what I’ve sold?

Your can see what you’ve sold:
(1) By looking at the transaction emails sent to you for each sale;
(2) By looking at the statements sent to you weekly
(3) By logging in and reviewing your customers’ activities in your Control Panel.

Are payments from Customers kept in a secure account?

Yes. All receipts are collected in a separate Delishops client account and held away from Delishops operating activities.
Payments from Customers are triggered automatically when you have made a sale.
Payments to you are also made automatically in the week following the sale.

When do I get paid?

Transactions are grouped by week into a single statement. You and your Customers have seven days following the end of that week to review invoices and hold them from being completed. 
At the end of that review week the cleared transactions will be totalled, plus any newly cleared invoices from previous periods, and the net amount due to you will be paid direct into your bank account.

What is Dropshipping or Dropship?

Dropshipping is where the person or platform making a sale does not hold or own the stock. The Supplier of the stock sends the product direct to the customer or “dropships” it – Delishops is a dropship platform.